i pini di Aquilino is a real open space. An environment free and virgin, that offers a different scenario for the activities done here, stimulating the curiosity to try new ones.
It’s the right place for presentation, art exhibitions, animated lectures. For briefing and theater workshops, dance-, photography and art classes, for healthy activities like yoga, meditation and tai-chi.
It’s a fantastic place for small concerts and under the sky performances.

For special occasions, it is possible to arrange private parties with the merit of having chosen a protected area, in a scenario drawn by nature: it’s like saying that it owns anything.

i pini di Aquilino is also an eco-green location for business events, presentation and shootings.

Show us your idea and book the forest for an hour or one day, email at: info@ipinidiaquilino.it or calling the nr.+39 3313647707.