i pini di Aquilino is a new place near Milan, an outdoor agricultural and eco-dynamic camp, placed in the “Parco Agricolo Sud Milano”. It is located in the city of Cornaredo, 22 km away from Milan. It’s a small non autochthonous forest, dominated by the white pine, opened since 2014.

It is equipped for exploration, movement, leisure and education, a perfect place for those who want to dive into nature, go deepen the knowledge of flora and fauna, test their own movement, adaption and survival abilities. Or doing new things, to be invented, by living the place as a scenario for public and private events.

Its visitors are pupils and kids, study and working groups, associations, families, disabled people, and individuals. “You’ll find more in woods than in books. Trees and rocks will teach things, no master will tell”
– Bernard de Clairvaux, Letters, XII sec.