In 2012, the heirs of the property start considering the chance to open the forest to public, and to realize a suitable and acceptable project. A well thought decision, where nature- needless to say – plays a key role. A proper way, the need to realize something useful for the community and get in contact with inspiring people, do the rest. So in 2014 an agricultural eco-dynamic camp opens, for outdoor activities, that can only be named i pini di Aquilino.

the developed project for the camp is innovative, because it goes back in time: it talks about people, nature, agriculture. It gives a different point of view, by choosing a different life style, and most important, it’s priceless that kids can experience that style. Near Milan, it’s a place that allows people to get back in touch with nature, e and for those who live in the city, touching ground is very important. “

(Elisabetta, Aquilino’s daughter)