i pini di Aquilino is a simple and happy place, where nature is leader: there is a wood and the wood.
A small farm building, almost a hut is its reception area; a canopy is the classroom. Its furniture is made of suspended structures, eco-dynamic tools, archery positions. Its squares are small vegetable gardens, its ideal streets are naturalistic and game trials. A gazebo with tables and benches, where the luxury of a grill is added, forms the dining area.

The full immersion in the countryside is experienced, the lifting of body and mind, the survival adventure, wild plants watching, like rowans, cherries, hawthorns, and red woodpeckers, barn owls, and red squirrels.
i pini di Aquilino is not a fun park, although it amuses constantly. A game, like equipment use, parties, events. And also an organized game, like the sessions for kids and adults, training sessions, outdoor training, and survival camps.

No coincidence that its claim is “outdoor – teaching – evasion”.

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