The aim of our courses is to bring anyone to acquire the skills needed to cope in an emergency situation properly and are structured to not only provide a simple rote learning, but to invigorate your strength of mind and make you rediscover confidence in yourself. Will help you develop reasoning skills, reflexivity and decision-making. This course is accessible to all and requires no experience or special physical preparation.
We will isolate from civilization, leaving the stress of everyday life and enter into symbiosis with nature, not fight it, but understanding that is the only source of salvation in an emergency situation. We will learn that nature is a true source of resources through which we can warm ,protect and feed us, in simple word : SURVIVE

The basic course takes place in two outdoor days to Campus “i pini di Aquilino” with the guidance of instructors experts FISSS (Italian Federation of Sports Survival and Experimental) with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 participants.
For info and prices write to or call +39 331 3647707.