The eco-dynamic camp i pini di Aquilino, located in a protected forest area near Milan, is suitable for HR training sessions of companies and organizations.
The goals of our routes are meant to aid the atmosphere of closeness, cooperation and mutual support, to develop understanding and synergy, to strengthen motivation and the feeling of belonging, and the leadership capability to achieve goals.

The location ductility enables to propose different training session routes, related to the specific needs of the single companies, like for example:

iconoperorsi Team building
iconoperorsi Anger management in interpersonal relationships
iconoperorsi Leadership : how become a leader
iconoperorsi Awareness of own professional role
iconoperorsi Problem solving : transform problems in opportunities
iconoperorsi Development of creativity in day by day

Enzo Maolucci, is in charge for those sessions, graduated in 1971 in Modern Letters, founder and president of ISA (International Survival Association) and of FISSS (Italian Federation of sportiving and experimental survival). Author of publications about Outdoor and Survival, he has been the first starting cooperate behavioural and psychosomatic psychologists, like Enrico Rolla and Alessandro Meluzzi, in the Outdoor training session field.

Proposed courses

For details and customization of programs, please send an email to

or phone at this nr. +39 3313647707.