Training, leisure and adventure, find space in the eco-dynamic and educational activities made on at the camp, meant for people with different needs and interests: pupils, kids groups, co-workers and employees of a company, disabled persons and privates.

From Monday to Saturday the camp opens as unusual location for parties, graduations and anniversaries, parenting meeting and private events prior agreements with our secretary on request.

On Sunday (according to calender) we are open from 11.30 till 18.30.

Entrance to the camp costs € 3,00 each person (free entrance for children under 3 years) and allows to experience the “life paths”, the relax in a protect environment and the services.

€ 8,00 for eco-dynamic activities with supervision of FISSS instructors (suspended bridges, low bridges, spiderman,  perception labyrinth, zip-line and liana)

€ 3,00 for archery under supervision of instructor (10 arrows)

You can organize your pic nic or barbecue with friends, contact us for info and costs.

Whatever the activity you choose remember we are set in a protected area, and nature has its own rules to be respected. We are waiting forward to meet you. But should you be interested in a specific activity, mostly in the weekend, please check our calendar and book accordingly, by advising on timings preferences.

Check the calendar

For further information and reservations, please send an email at or call +39 331 3647707.