survival summer camp “i pini di Aquilino”
from June 29nd to September 4th 2015

Note: the camp is closed from the 8th till the 23th of August.

Kids between 6 and 15 years spend their summer days involved in games and sports, socialization moments and relax in a natural environment, totally safe and under supervision of FISSS instructors and animators experienced in outdoor activities.
Through the days they will alternate games-sports activities, role- and adventure games, eco-dynamic paths with ropes steps and suspicion bridges, tree climbing, perception labyrinths, archery, javelin and boomerang, orienteering and some surviving notions.
Naturalistic activities like animal tracks’ recognition, archaeological construction workshops, construction of shelters, tools, music instruments, prehistoric strings and flint knapping, fire ignition with archaic systems, garden care, and collection of its fruits.
And more games and laughter will not miss!

You can choose to take sessions: daily, weekly or multi-weekly, from 08.30 am at around 18.00.
For costs and information: please see the form.

download the program
application form

Sportswear with shoes or boots with rough soles, k-way and hat is requested.
Lunch served in covered equipped picnic area
If former agreed with the kids’ parents, it is possible to arrange an overnight stay in tent,
at the camp. (min 5 participants)
A 10 days subscription, before scheduled session, is required, by entering the application form
On request: shuttle service from Milan and overnight camping.

For further information, please send an email to or call +39 331 3647707.